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Our company has 22 R & D designers, and the technical team has rich research and development experience on various magnetic device products, and at the same time, they have mastered the finite element analysis capabilities of magnetic field, electric field, temperature field, noise and intensity of magnetic device products. By using this technology, many problems of special transformers and reactors can not be calculated by common engineering methods are solved.
Our company has independently developed the design software of transformer and reactor. For standard products, a high degree of automation parametric relationship is established between its design scheme and construction design drawing. After the calculation of a product scheme, its construction design drawings have also been completed, greatly improving the design efficiency. At the same time, the error rate is reduced.
The core technicians have successfully developed various transformers and reactors for power grid, high-speed railway, Metro, reactive compensation, filtering, wind power, photovoltaic and various frequency conversion and converter industries. The products cover oil immersed, cast dry, immersion dry, water cooling and other structures, among which many products are groundbreaking. It mainly includes:
1. it is the main designer of several large speed up main electric locomotives, different series of high-speed trains, on-board transformers and reactors of motor cars.
2. is the first research and development of the largest capacity resin cast iron core reactor in China. Responsible for or participating in the development of large capacity core reactor, grounding transformer, multi tap arc suppression coil, large capacity air core reactor, large capacity water-cooled transformer and water-cooled reactor. Is the leader of the research and development of related products in the industry.
3. he has participated in the design of various types of Metro dry traction transformer, and is the designer of the largest capacity dry-type transformer and the maximum capacity excitation transformer in China.
4. we have developed high performance phase shifting transformers, k-coefficient transformers, double core transformers and various reactors for several internationally renowned brands.
5. accumulated rich experience in high frequency transformer and high frequency reactor. Advanced calculation and analysis methods and solutions are available in suppressing high frequency noise, reducing loss and improving efficiency.
Parametric design and product analysis by finite element method 

Technical Team


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