Low Voltage Iron-core Series (Filtering) Reactors
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Low Voltage Iron-core Series (Filtering) Reactors

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Low-voltage iron-core series (filter) reactors are used in 220-1200V power systems, connected in series with parallel capacitor banks, to limit closing surge current and suppress high-order harmonics, thus protecting the capacitor bank, improving power grid voltage quality, and ensuring safe operation of the power system.

Low-voltage iron-core filter reactors are used in low-voltage filter cabinets, connected in series with filter capacitors and tuned to a specific resonance frequency to absorb harmonic currents of corresponding frequencies in the power grid. Depending on the system, the harmonic current of the filter reactor is generally larger than that of the series reactor, so its heating and noise are more severe and require special design and consideration.

The main features of our company's low-voltage iron-core series (filter) reactors are:

1.The reactor has a heat-resistant grade of H. All insulation materials used in the coil are of heat-resistant grade H or above, and the wires are enameled wires with a heat-resistant grade of 200°C. It can operate for a long time under 1.35 times the rated current, with strong overload capacity, low losses, low temperature rise, and a normal service life of more than 30 years.

2.The outgoing part of the aluminum wire reactor adopts a copper wire ear, and the connection between the aluminum wire and the copper wire ear is not welded using traditional tin soldering technology, but is welded using high-quality copper-aluminum special welding wire. The outgoing part can operate for a long time (more than 30 years) without increasing resistance and heating, with stable and reliable quality.

3.Operating noise: 45dB under rated current operation.

4.The coil and iron core are assembled using advanced direct winding technology on the iron core, rather than a skeleton assembly structure. The product has a compact structure and good heat dissipation.

5.The upper and lower clips are L-shaped plates, with special processing and surface treatment technology, beautiful appearance, and easy to carry.

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