From 2020 to now, Benyuan Electric plans to invest 70 million yuan in requisitioning more than 82 acres of land in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province to build a standardized workshop of 60,000 square meters for the production of magnetic components and complete sets of electrical equipment. It is planned to be completed and put into production in July 2021.


September, supplied water-cooled filter reactors and transformers to American Magnetics.


March, provided high-frequency load reactors for drive systems of new energy vehicles to companies such as Zhendrive Technology, Shanghai Onwin, and Shanghai Lingang Electronics.


January, supplied replacement filter reactors for Shenzhen Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant.


February, began to supply reactors, transformers and other products to Shunte Electric Co., Ltd. in batches.


January, became a qualified supplier of the Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute, mainly providing load reactor products


September,successfully developed 6 large-capacity single-phase common-mode inductors for GE's 15MW high-frequency power supply system.


March,Become a qualified supplier of China National Electrical Equipment Research Institute, mainly providing water-cooled transformers, smoothing reactors, filter reactors and other products for its high-power power supplies.


January, Foshan Benyuan Electric Co., Ltd. was established