Guangdong Benyuan Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing transformers and reactors. The company's products cover power grid, rail transit, photovoltaic and wind power generation industries. The main customers are GE, ABB, China's car and other top 500 enterprises in the world. At present, due to the need to expand production, we are recruiting production workers who have reached the age of 18. They are required to be steadfast and stable, able to bear hardships, men and women are not limited, and both raw and familiar. Once hired, they can sign a long-term work contract with preferential treatment.

Wages and treatment:
1. The probation period is 2 months. During the probation period, the company conducts skills training for novices. During the training period, the salary is above 4000 yuan. After the training is qualified, piece-rate salary will be implemented. More work will be paid, and there will be no ceiling. The actual income is based on the average monthly salary of 4500 yuan to 10000 yuan or more, and the salary is paid on the 25th of each month.
2. The company implements a guaranteed salary system. If the production tasks in the current month are not saturated, employees still have a guaranteed salary of 4500~8000 yuan. In principle, the higher the skill level and the more skilled employees, the higher the guaranteed salary.

Main Benefits:
1. At the end of the year, each person will enjoy a year-end bonus or double salary.
2. After passing the trial, pay social security in accordance with national regulations.
3. Enjoy paid leave in accordance with national regulations.
4. Gifts will be issued on important holidays.
5. The company provides dormitories with independent toilets, air conditioning, beds, free WIFI and other facilities. 3 persons/room; If the husband and wife are employed at the same time, the husband and wife room can be provided as appropriate.
6. The company canteen provides free working meals.

Working time:
The normal work is 6 days a week and 8 hours a day (if the production task arranged by the individual on the same day is not completed, the overtime can be completed as appropriate, and the overtime time is generally not more than 3 hours). Closed on Sundays and holidays.

Work location:
Guangdong Yuanyuan Electric Co., Ltd., No.6 Cangsha West Road, Junan Town, Shunde, Guangdong.

If you are interested in joining, please contact13925450605Miss Yu,18664292636Mr. Ding Contact